interviews from Casady School in Oklahoma City

About the podcast

interviews with teachers, students, parents and staff at Casady School in Oklahoma City.

This episode of Casady Voices includes an interview with lower school art teacher Megan Thompson, who has been using an iPad in the past year to enhance and augment student learning. By using the iPad "AirPlaying" to an Apple TV connected television, encouraging students to record audio reflections about their artwork, and documenting the process of creating art projects, Mrs. Thompson is finding the iPad to be a transformative addition to her classroom toolkit as a teacher. Learn more about what is happening in Mrs. Thompson's art classroom by following her on Twitter:

Rob Huber teaches 8th grade Algebra at Casady School in Oklahoma City, and has been experimenting with a variety of strategies to flip classroom learning the past two years. In this podcast interview, he talks about his journey and how he is using the iPad app Explain Everything to create short tutorial videos for students to watch at home, so they can work on more challenging problems together in class.